Acne Treatment At The Spa

Did you know that acne affects almost 40% of the population? Acne is a condition caused by hair follicles on the face, back and chest become plugged by natural debris such as sebum, an oily product below the skin. In severe cases, you can get cysts that are large and painful. The acne cyst most closely resembles an abscess. The damage goes deep into the skin leading in some cases to severe scarring in adulthood.

Many acne treatment require a trip to the doctor where oral medications are often ordered. These drugs contain chemicals that will reduce oil production, speeding up cell turnover, fighting bacterial infections and by reducing inflammation.

The problem is that these treatments do nothing to improve the look of skin for around eight weeks; they can even make acne worse before clearing it up. The good news is that there are things you can do to reduce the look of acne and even to reduce the look of old scarring. Many of these treatments are available at your local spa.

Light Therapy

There is a variety of safe and successful light treatments available to the public. In one type, a broadband light (BBL) is used as an alternative to traditional medical therapies. It works because the light spectrum used attacks the p-acne bacteria which is the usual cause of acne. When used with a home care program for your skin the results are often exquisite. Talk with your spa about a home care program designed especially for you.

The therapy involves a thin layer of gel applied to the skin followed by a light treatment that lasts for 20-30 minutes. It does have a few temporary side effects. You may see redness and minor swelling for one-two days. It may require a series of treatments every eight weeks with periodic treatments every month to every six months. The number of months that will require treatment depends on the severity of the acne. It can help prevent scarring in persons with active acne.

Facial Cleansing

These cleansing will usually take 30-45 minutes. Facial cleansing are much deeper than can be accomplished in the home and are followed by a gentle extraction of white and blackheads. This treatment is most effective in non-cystic acne and can produce faster results than other therapies. It can help reduce scarring in persons who are still in the active acne category.

Acne Cyst Injections

These are also known as Kenalog injections. It’s a one-time treatment that can rapidly reduce the inflammation of cysts. Anti-inflammatory treatment is critical because cystic acne causes a deep swelling that often causes the cyst to rupture and cause scarring. Cyst injection treatments should only be used with the cystic form of acne.

There are other treatments for reducing scarring that has already occurred. A sample of these is as follows.


In this treatment, a rotating brush with diamond tips is used. The brush removes the top layer of skin gently. The rotating brush leaves behind even looking and smooth skin. It also blows the diamond crystals into the skin, polishing it to smoothness. It not only promotes the grown of newer and more elastic skin it helps to reduce the noticeable scarring many acne sufferers are prone too.

Chemical Peels

Peels are one of the most effective of the treatments available to reduce acne scars. Most spa’s use glycerol acid to remove the top layer of skin. It encourages the growth of new scar free skin. It not only reduces acne scarring but can also reduce wrinkles and stretch marks as a bonus. If you unsure about using a chemical to remove skin just talk to someone at your preferred spa. They can explain what chemical they use and why.

Pulsed Light and Heat

Pulsed light treatments will be among the most expensive scarring treatments available at most spas. It involves a pulse of light followed by heat. This treatment reduces the oil production on the skin as well as killing harmful bacteria while enhancing the growth of new healthier skin.

With so many treatments available it would benefit you to talk with your preferred spa about both acne treatment if needed or scar reduction. It’s even possible that you could take advantage of both.

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