Weight Loss

The Skin Perfect Medical group offers many services to help a person look their best. They have skin services as well as medical procedures for weight loss. These weight loss procedures use the latest in medical technology so that a person can look their best and feel great with the least amount of pain and downtime as possible.

weight lossThe professional staff at Skin Perfect Medical wants their clients to make an informed decision about their weight loss procedure. The staff will speak with their clients about the different weight loss options and the pros and cons to each. The staff will also speak to their clients about things that can cause a person to gain weight including stress, poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, and other reasons to help a person make the right weight loss choice. The staff is able to target specific trouble areas of the body to reduce fat that has built up in these areas. Procedures that are commonly performed at Skin Perfect Medical include Cool sculpting, lipotherapy, the use of low level lasers, the use of heat technology, ultrasonic waves, compression, and the use of deep message designed specifically for weight loss.

Cool sculpting

This is one of the most common procedures to remove stubborn fat. This procedure will help with fat pockets known as the muffin tops and the love handles. This procedure will freeze fat cells without causing damage to the skin cells. There are no incisions made, no needles, and no lasers are used. After having this procedure a person can continue on with their day. A person will notice that they are looking and feeling better in as little as one visit. It may take several visits to see the full results of this procedure. Cool sculpting is non invasive and is cleared by the FDA for weight loss. Once a person has this procedure it is recommended they eat a balanced diet and start an exercise program so they will be able to keep the weight off.


This is one of the newest treatments and Skin Perfect Medical is one of the first places to perform the medsculpt. The process begins with a massage and then a suction is used to drain the lymphatic system. The fat cells are massaged down once again allowing the skin above them to become firmer and smoother. Ultrasound energy is used to target the fat cells and reduce the appearance of not only fat but cellulite as well.


This procedure will not only help remove unwanted fat from the body it will improve the tone of the skin as well. This procedure uses a low level laser that will rid the body of fat and can be used to shape the body as well. No surgery is needed. A person can lose around six inches from their waist, the hips, and thighs. The lasers used for this procedure are known as cold lasers. They do not have a thermal affect on the body or the skin tissues. The lasers are non invasive and will help the body melt the fat and absorb it. The fat will then be removed with the natural process of the body. There are little downtime and a person will not have any of the negative side effects from procedures that are invasive.

The professional team at Skin Perfect Medical uses the latest techniques and procedures to help a person lose weight. All of the state is certified and licensed to perform these procedures. Within a couple of weeks a person can be looking and feeling their best knowing they are in great shape.

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