CoolSculpting With EmSculpt: A Powerful Combination

CoolSculpting is a fat reduction procedure that removes stubborn body fat with fat-freezing technology. (1) EmSculpt is a procedure that simultaneously builds muscle and sculpts problem areas, with additional fat reduction. (2) CoolSculpting can be combined with EmSculpt to provide targeted spot reduction and muscle gain. Together, both procedures address what diet and exercise alone cannot–a comprehensive approach to fat loss and muscle definition.

The team of Skin Perfect Medical Aesthetics strives to improve our patients’ overall appearance and quality of life. We use state-of-the-art technologies to enhance the body’s natural contours with highly-specialized sculpting and fat-freezing techniques. If you are interested in learning if the combination of CoolSculpting with EmSculpt is right for you, contact our offices in Costa Mesa or Rancho Cucamonga, our locations offering both services!

About CoolSculpting with EmSculpt

CoolSculpting with EmSculpt offers a non-surgical, non-invasive solution to tackling stubborn fat pockets on the body, and helping to build muscle for a leaner, trimmer physique. Together, both generate results that help to shape the body with little to no recovery time.


CoolSculpting “freezes off” unwanted fat on numerous areas on the body which may include the flanks, abdomen, thighs, chin, or upper torso. This process is also called cryolipolysis, which strategically uses cold temperatures to isolate problem areas, reduce unwanted bulges, and improve your body’s overall fat distribution. CoolSculpting results on average of about 25% fat reduction in each treatment area per session. (3) CoolSculpting enjoys a 73% satisfaction rate, higher than other non-invasive lipolysis treatments. (3) In one study, 86% of patients noted improvement after their CoolSculpting procedure. (3) 


EmSculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy, or HIFEM. This body-contouring treatment helps to build muscle tone. During an EmSculpt session, the device causes muscles to produce 20,000 supramaximal contractions per treatment area. (2) EmSculpt does in one 30-minute session what exercise and strength training take months to achieve! EmSculpt also stimulates metabolism for additional fat reduction.

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The comprehensive benefits of CoolSculpting with EmSculpt include:

  • Gradual results
  • Low-risk procedures
  • Fast recovery within days
  • Non-invasive treatments–no needles, anesthesia, or surgery
  • Minimal to no side effects
  • Look and feel better 
  • Customizable treatment plan
  • Smooth, well-balanced, natural-looking results

Each individual procedure also carries unique benefits.


  • Proven fat-reduction (1)
  • Ability to treat many body areas including double chin; arm flab; armpits; abdomen; love handles; banana rolls; inner thighs; and knees  


  • Efficient treatment that achieves 20,000 contractions in just 30 minutes
  • Quick results that appear in one to two-week period 


Good candidates for CoolSculpting with EmSculpt are individuals within 15 to 25 pounds of their target weight who seek a solution to experience more confidence in their bodies. Candidates should maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen prior to treatment. CoolSculpting with EmSculpt is not a weight loss procedure, so potential candidates should not be significantly overweight. 

CoolSculpting Candidates

  • May have considered liposuction but desire a less invasive treatment with a faster recovery time
  • Have pinchable rolls of fat and good skin elasticity

CoolSculpting should not be performed on patients with certain conditions that make them more susceptible to cold temperatures, such as cold urticaria, cryoglobulinemia, and paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria. CoolSculpting also cannot be performed on patients with cutaneous lesions, who have large amounts of varicose veins, or dermatitis.

EmSculpt Candidates

  • Have a BMI of 30 or less
  • Want to build muscle mass without the time required for strength training 

EMsculpt can not be performed on patients that have metal plates or screws in the body, electrical implants such as pacemakers, and conditions such as viral infections, atopic dermatitis, and bacterial infections. Patients should not be pregnant.

Personal Consultation

At Skin Perfect Medical Aesthetics, we aim to enhance all areas of our patients’ lives. We understand that every patient is unique and deserves empathetic, individualized treatment. In your consultation with Dr. Kwok, you will have the opportunity to discuss your goals; the number of sessions required to reach these goals; and questions. During this time, you will also receive an explanation of CoolSculpting and EmSculpt, as well as the value of combining both procedures. We will then develop a personalized treatment plan. If you’re ready to take the next step toward a more confident, well-toned body, contact our offices by calling (562) 278-3202. Skin Perfect has locations in Costa Mesa, Brea, Rancho Cucamonga, Lancaster, West Hollywood, Glendora, and Whittier. We invite you to learn more about our services and tips for self-care on our blog! 


CoolSculpting with EmSculpt is a dual-procedural treatment. To prepare, each procedure carries specific recommendations.

  • Drink two or more liters of water the day before treatment
  • Avoid food two hours before your procedure
  • Remove lotion and other topical agents from skin before procedure
  • Shave hair around the treatment area
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine the day before your treatment

On the day of your procedure, wear comfortable gym clothes that allow access to the treatment areas. Also, bring a book, phone, or iPad to stay occupied.


CoolSculpting and EmSculpt are non-invasive and do not require any downtime. And, they’re fast! CoolSculpting takes between 35 and 60 minutes to complete, while EmSculpt takes about 30 minutes.


  • The areas to be treated will be marked to determine the proper applicator size and placement.  
  • A cool gel pad will be placed over your skin to protect this sensitive area from the applicator. The applicator will use vacuum pressure to suction tissue into the cooling panels.
  • As the applicator is applied, you will begin to feel an internal chill that will disappear shortly.
  • This controlled cooling will freeze fat cells, which will later be eliminated from the body.  
  • After treatment, skin may temporarily be red or swollen, which is temporary.  
  • The treated areas will be massaged to help ensure the area remains smooth.


  • The EmSculpt device is strapped to your abdomen or buttocks. 
  • The device is powered on, first on a low level. 
  • It is then slowly ramped up to allow the body to progressively adjust to the power level increase. 
  • You will feel intense vibrations seconds apart. These are muscle contractions.
  • The EmSculpt device will then switch to a tapping motion to break apart lactic acid produced by the contractions.

To enjoy the full results of CoolSculpting with EmSculpt, we recommend multiple sessions. 


CoolSculpting and EmSculpt are considered safe procedures by the FDA for body contouring. Their combined effect carries few side effects which include bruising, swelling, and numbness that resolves within two weeks of treatment. Patients can resume their normal activities immediately after treatment. Full results become visible within six months. To maximize recovery, we recommend:

  • Anticipating swelling, bruising, and soreness at the treatment sites
  • Exercising patience
  • Keeping a progress journal to detail improvement with each progressive treatment session
  • Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing 
  • Drink lots of water
  • Maintain results with good exercise and eating habits


Undergoing CoolSculpting with EmSculpt will help you enjoy a lean, svelte physique with the muscle definition you desire. With excess fat pockets diminished, your muscles will be more pronounced. Results start to become visible after about one month of treatment. Multiple sessions are recommended with full results visible after about six months. 


The cost of CoolSculpting with EmSculpt varies depending on a number of factors: such as the number of sessions required and the areas being treated. We can provide a cost estimate during a consultation after learning more about your goals and specific needs. Contact the team of Skin Perfect Medical Aesthetics at (562) 278-3202 to set up a consultation.  


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