Dermal Fillers & Injectables

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When you think of smooth skin you think of a baby’s skin. No wrinkles, no sagging, no course hair, just smooth baby soft skin.

As we age our skin begins to thin and starts to lose its elasticity and volume. We can help to smooth out those small, medium and deep wrinkles, giving you a softer, more youthful appearance. Signs of aging can disappear immediately during your treatments, and after the treatments you will look “naturally” rested and refreshed.

Dermal fillers such as Juvéderm, Restylane, Perlane, and Radiesse are all FDA approved injectable fillers used to treat specific areas where loss of facial volume has occurred. Many times this is due to fat loss which leads to severe skin sagging and deep smile lines (nasolabial folds). Botox is another FDA approved injectable used for the correction of facial wrinkles caused by muscle contractions in common areas such as the forehead, brow region, and crow’s feet (around the eye wrinkles).