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Have you tried makeup, masks, and moisturizers, but still don’t see the smooth, glowing skin that your products promised? You may need to take the next step and undergo a skin resurfacing treatment.

Unfortunately, most of these treatments leave your skin red and swollen for the first days of your recovery, if not longer. This is not ideal for people with a busy work life, and a frustrating concern for those with delicate skin.

Thanks to the cutting-edge, four-part treatment of a Hydrafacial, patients now have a way to completely cleanse and refresh their skin, without any discomfort or unsightly after-effects. A Hydrafacial will safely and effectively resurface your skin, but all anyone will notice when you walk out the door is your moist, smooth, glowing face! Your skin renewal results will be real and immediate.

If you are struggling to improve your dull, clogged, or discolored skin, call or text one of the Skin Perfect Medical Aesthetics offices today to learn more about what a Hydrafacial can do for you!

What is a Hydrafacial?

If you are looking for a way to resurface your skin, as well as to refresh and nourish the health of the skin itself, without pain or inconvenient redness, consider the remarkable results achievable with a Hydrafacial!

The Hydrafacial system accomplishes safe, amazing resurfacing results in four steps:

Cleanse: This step will safely but effectively wash away topical skin impurities and dead skin. The process is relaxing, both for you and your skin! This will also encourage deeper impurities to rise to the surface.

Acid Peel: Glycolic and salicylic acid will safely exfoliate your skin. While most acid peels can create discomfort, tingling, and redness, the Hydrafacial system administers the peel in a way that is far more tolerable and hydrating than the average peel.

Extract (Without The Pesky Redness!): A Hydrafacial applies vortex technology, a uniquely designed vacuum system for pulling deep impurities from the skin. There is no pulling or pinching like in a typical facial. The skin will not be irritated, and there will be no tell-tale redness to signal you recently received a facial. The skin will also be consistently moisturized during this step, which helps to keep the skin soothed and healthy-looking.

Nourish and Hydrate: In order to achieve your best glow, the skin will be doused in antioxidants and peptides that can be customized to meet your skin’s unique needs.

A Hydrafacial will apply the benefits of three different types of facials into one while avoiding the redness or downtime other treatments often involve.

Benefits of a Hydrafacial

A Hydrafacial balances effective skin resurfacing with the soothing nourishment that your skin needs.

In as little as thirty minutes, a Hydrafacial has the amazing ability to:

  • Deliver safe exfoliation and resurfacing, leaving your skin looking smooth and radiant.
  • Even out your skin tone, and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and sun damage.
  • Clean your pores of impurities, such as blackheads and whiteheads, without leaving your skin red or irritated.
  • Tighten enlarged pores.
  • Improve moderate cases of acne. This is a great option for patients prone to oily skin.
  • Re-hydrate very dry skin.
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles. The newly resurfaced and deeply nourished skin will be fuller, healthier, and more moisturized, which will restore a level of strength and support to the treated area. This will help to fill in the wrinkles that may have developed in your dryer, less hydrated and thus less elastic skin.

What Sets Hydrafacial Apart?

A Hydrafacial machine is capable of delivering the benefits of multiple facial treatments in one session. Compared to other facial experiences, a Hydrafacial is:

  • Relaxing. Other facials can involve stinging or pain with extractions, but the use of fluid to perform extractions, combined with the continued circulation of hydrating fluids on the skin, keep patients comfortable throughout their Hydrafacial.
  • Safe. Patients with more sensitive skin can have negative reactions to chemical peels, laser resurfacing, or even microdermabrasion. Because Hydrafacial accomplishes what is considered “hydrodermabrasion,” and administers glycolic and salicylic acid in a controlled way, the skin is soothed. It does not react negatively to the exfoliation. This also means that patients do not need to take any downtime after their Hydrafacial: they will walk out of their session with glowing, happy skin.
  • Undetectable. Traditional facials can leave tell-tale redness where extractions were made and your pores were unclogged. A Hydrafacial removes impurities from the pores not by force but with a vortex of fluid, which gently but effectively deep cleanses the skin. Without the redness typical of most facials, patients do not need to take any downtime before enjoying their results.
  • Enjoyable Immediately. Because you will not have a negative reaction, and your skin is hydrated the entire treatment, you will walk out of your appointment with glowing skin that you are ready to share! This makes it the perfect choice for someone with a busy schedule or an important upcoming event.
  • Widely Applicable. A Hydrafacial can be beneficial for patients of any age who wish they had clearer, healthier, glowing skin.
  • A Month-Long Improvement: Unlike other facials, which can only demonstrate noticeable results for a few days, a Hydrafacial will produce glowing results that will last longer. Patients who receive a Hydrafacial monthly see long-term improvement in their skin.


Thanks to the safe but effective technology behind the Hydrafacial system, it is an excellent skin rejuvenation option for patients of all skin tones, as well as for those with more sensitive skin.

You are a good candidate for a Hydrafacial if you:

  • Have congested pores or acne
  • Have oily skin
  • Want to see an improvement in your fine lines and wrinkles
  • Wish your skin were firmer
  • Have larger pores
  • Have dull or dry skin
  • Have brown spots or redness due to sun exposure
  • Wish your skin “glowed”
  • Have a special event, such as a wedding or reunion. A Hydrafacial produces immediate results, which makes it an ideal way to rejuvenate your skin before an event.

A Hydrafacial is customizable. Your doctor will tailor the nutrients your skin receives during a Hydrafacial to address your unique skin needs.

To learn more about what a Hydrafacial can do for your dull, congested, or aged skin, schedule a consultation at your nearest Skin Perfect office today!


While everyone is a candidate for Hydrafacial, a consultation at Skin Perfect is a good opportunity to have any questions you have about your skin rejuvenation options answered! Your doctor will want to have a clear idea of your desired results, so do not be shy to share any concerns or skin goals you have. After discussing your medical history, medication use, and current lifestyle, your doctor will examine your skin. If you and your doctor decide a Hydrafacial is the right skin renewing option for you, they will create your personally-tailored Hydrafacial treatment. Some patients can even receive their Hydrafacial the same day as their consultation!

Do you wish you had glowing, smooth skin? Call or text our helpful, friendly Skin Perfect staff to schedule your complimentary consultation for a Hydrafacial.

Your Hydrafacial Experience

When you undergo a Hydrafacial, you are receiving the benefits of multiple facial treatments at once with none of the negative side effects! Even though major improvements are being made to your skin, the unique technology utilized by the Hydrafacial system will make sure you are comfortable and relaxed throughout your treatment.

Patients report no pain or discomfort.

During your Hydrafacial, your skin will be cleansed of impurities, both topically and at a deeper level. You will next receive an acid peel, which will remove your dead skin cells and allow new, healthier skin to reach the surface, but the Hydrafacial system will keep you and your skin comfortable: you will not feel the stinging typical of an acid peel, nor will your skin become red and irritated, as it would after a traditional peel. Using the gentle power of its vortex technology, the Hydrafacial will extract blackheads, whiteheads, and other impurities brought to the surface by your peel with a targeted cyclone of hydrating fluids. Once your cleansing and resurfacing are complete, your skin will be soothed with a variety of hydrating, healing nutrients which have been specially selected to address the unique needs of your skin.

Some patients may also decide to have LED (light-emitting diodes) light therapy incorporated into their Hydrafacial. The added LED treatment will improve the appearance of discolorations and acne scars, as well as stimulate the collagen production within your dermis. The additional collagen production will create more volume in your skin and promote healthy healing function in the future. The added volume will fill and erase your fine lines and wrinkles, and your skin will be better able to withstand harmful elements in the future.

Your Hydrafacial can be completed in less than thirty minutes. After your Hydrafacial, your skin will show only your smooth, radiant results, without giving any sign that you recently underwent a major resurfacing treatment.


A Hydrafacial requires zero downtime. Due to the gentle exfoliation, liquid-led extraction of impurities, and thorough hydration throughout the treatment, your skin will be immediately nourished and smooth. The facial produces no red marks or swelling, unlike many other skin rejuvenation treatments. You can walk right out of a Hydrafacial and into an important event, looking healthy and refreshed!


The results of a Hydrafacial are impressive. Your dull skin will be gone, your skin tone will be smooth, and your pores will be minimized. Now free of impurities and clogged pores, your face and neck will exhibit radiant health. Because your skin is safely resurfaced, it will be better able to absorb the hydrating, nourishing components of your individualized Hydrafacial. The increased hydration in your skin will improve your skin’s volume and laxity, smoothing away the dry, loose skin that can produce fine lines and wrinkles.


The price of your Hydrafacial will depend on the customized elements of your treatment. After your consultation, you will receive a cost breakdown for your individualized Hydrafacial plan. Most recipients of a Hydrafacial, after they see their immediate, radiant results, decide their monthly visit is absolutely worth the complete skin renewal that the treatment achieves.

If you have not been satisfied with the results of other facials in the past, and wish you had smoother, healthier, and clearer skin, call or text a Skin Perfect office today to schedule your informative consultation.