Liposuction Chino Will Help Shape the Body

Everyone is trying to lose weight and to get into shape. For some people diet and exercise are not enough to get rid of unwanted fat. There are places on the body where stubborn fat does not go away no matter how hard a person tries. This is help for a person looking to get rid of this extra fat. Liposuction Chino at Skin Perfect Medical uses the latest in technology to help a person finally get rid of their unwanted fat.

Before having the liposuction procedure a person will meet with their doctor to discuss the specific of the surgery. They will speak to the doctor about the areas that they to contour and have the fat removed from. There are different forms of liposuction that a person can have. The newer forms of this procedure have a shorter recovery time and are less invasive. Liposuction will leave the skin looking tighter and more sculpted since the pockets of fat will no longer be there. The skin will look smoother as well as be free of budges and odd bumps.

When a person goes in for the liposuction Chino procedure they can chose to have general or regional anesthesia. This will depend on where the pocket of fat is located. A small incision is made on the surface of the skin and will break up the fat cells. A small tube is then inserted into the incision and will suction the fat cells out of the body. If a person is having a wet method of liposuction a fluid is injected into the fat areas before the surgery. This will reduce the loss of blood and bruising. The amount of fluid a person will get will depend on the area of the body and individual features such as weight.

The recovery time for a person is going to be slightly different. Recovery time will depend on the area of the body they had their procedure and the amount of fat that is going to be removed. After having this procedure a person can expect some pain and swelling at the injection site. There may be some numbness in the area as well but is in only temporary. Some fluid may still discharge from the injection site as well. There may also be some pain. The doctor can prescribe an antibiotic to reduce the chance of an infection from occurring. If the skin is stitched up dissolve able stitches will be used and will disappear within a ten day period. The first couple of weeks after having this procedure it is recommended to wear snug elastic undergarments until the area is completely healed.

During the recovery period a person should get up and get moving as soon as possible. While strenuous activity should be avoided for a couple of weeks a person should walk around to help keep their blood flowing and speed up the recovery time. It may be a couple of days before they can resume daily activity.

There are some new procedures of liposuction that are less invasive. Ultrasound Assisted liposuction uses tumescent fluid and a medal paddle that will send ultrasonic energy into the fat cells in the skin. This will help break up the cells and allow them to be removed easier. This is one of the newer procedures of liposuction and must be performed by a qualified surgeon.

Liposuction can help a person get rid of stubborn fat. The doctors at Skin Medical can help a person look and feel their best. They will use the latest technology to make the process of liposuction as painless as possible.

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