Botox │ Preventing Hair Loss With Laser Hair Removal


From Cinderella to Snow White, every beautiful maiden that we knew of in our early years has that streak of hair that’s silky, adorable and appealing to the Prince Charming. While Grimm’s Fairy Tales were a story of the past, Barbie too has long smooth hair. Botox is for people who want to look younger in age.

The fascination for good hair and skin isn’t restricted to women, think of a Super Hero who is bald – I am sure you might not even come up with one name. In fact, botox is also really popular these days, helping women to look good.

There is a slight problem though in your endeavor to have the perfect black hair. You need to be wary about the issue of hair loss.

About the process

Laser hair therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy, is the new age weapon to fight generic hair loss. Astonishingly, the lack of awareness about the treatment has brought up many flawed theories regarding its effectiveness. Quite frankly, many people worry about the use of laser beams.

Why not unlearn the myths and learn some lesser-known useful facts instead?

The principles on which this works

Laser hair therapy works on the basic principle of stimulation. The process uses mild laser light to be aimed at the follicles, thereby stimulating the pores and initiating improved blood circulation. This results in natural re-growth of hair from the dormant follicles. To put it more scientifically,the cellular membrane gets functional by absorbing energy from the light penetrated on the follicle. It is a trouble-free, easy to undergo and an efficient treatment for hair loss in males and femalesWorried about the heat effects of the laser beam?Well, we are not talking about heading into a furnace here but a small laser beam that reallycannot generate heat enough to burn or damage the skin tissues. It is essentially a non-surgical treatment with no risks involved.

Procedural Facts

  • This is a painless and comfortable treatment with a very mild sensation amidst procedure we are talking about here.
  • There are no pre or post precautions. The therapy does not include any chemical or invasive base in the procedure.
  • There is no use of any thermal stimulation. The laser hair therapy photo-stimulates the scalp cells. The membrane takes in the energy and not heat.

What do the figures suggest?

More than 35 million men and 21 million women in the US experience hair loss. In fact, 30% of people suffering from hair loss who seek restorative treatment are between 30-39 years. Another report states that 40% of people above the age of 40 have noticeable hair loss. The Japan Hair Loss Therapy Association stated two reports in its 4th annual conclave stating that increased hair growth and density were observed in people treated with laser hair therapy, in both genders. The failure rate was observed as 1 or 2 in 40 cases.

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