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ThermiVa Costa Mesa & Orange County, California

When’s the last time your sex life really rumbled? Are the jet planes at John Wayne the only thing keeping you up all night these days? Ladies: it’s time to take responsibility for your own pleasure. You have so much love to give, give some to yourself. ThermiVa may help.* 

ThermiVa is an FDA-cleared energy device with a wide range of applications. Our patients have found it has provided some welcome tightening up “down there.”* The dermatology experts at Skin Perfect in Costa Mesa, California, want to help you explore all your options so you can live your best life.

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*results may vary

Vaginal Rejuvenation in Orange County 

ThermiVa is an energy-based, radiofrequency device that has been FDA-cleared to treat your most sensitive skin.* It has not yet been approved for vaginal rejuvenation, but Skin Perfect’s dermatology experts will continue to labor through the organizational inquiry without skimming on patient satisfaction.* Our doctors are entitled to make a judgment call on any off-label applications that can safely assist our smiling patients.* And you’re entitled to the most youthful vagina you’ve had in years.

ThermiVa emits a gentle shower of RF rays to stimulate collagen growth beneath the skin’s surface. Our patients have shared that its gentle warmth and thoughtfully designed handpiece are ideal for treating a very special kind of skin.*

Let’s face it: the years can be a little hard on us. The joys of motherhood have given way to laxity and a loss in elasticity (and perhaps a little incontinence, too).

If you’ve endured menopause already, we think you’ve waited long enough to restore your vagina to its youthful form.* Our compassionate staff of trained professionals will fully inform you on all your medical options so that you can make intelligent, proactive decisions about your body. Learn more about all of Skin Perfect’s dermatology treatments by reading our blog

*results may vary

The Benefits of Collagen

ThermiVa’s manufacturer responsibly reminds patients that RF technology is regularly used by doctors and aestheticians to safely stimulate collagen growth. Collagen is a naturally occurring elastic protein that is widely accepted to promote healing and restore skin to the suppleness of youth.*[1]     

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery confirms what Skin Perfect’s medical professionals have unequivocally observed whilst treating the Costa Mesa community: radiofrequency technology is sound therapy for safely encouraging the all-natural, scientifically tested benefits of collagen to the body.*[2] 

Radiofrequency Can Help!

  • Promotes skin elasticity 
  • Assists in healing
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Stabilizes the cell membrane

*results may vary

The scientific consensus roundly recognizes the healing benefits of collagen for women.* Heightened collagen is but one of TermiVa’s attendant assets.* Research finds that ThermiVa patients who have difficulty achieving climax experienced a 33–50% reduction in time to orgasm.*[3]      

Ideal Candidates for ThermiVa

Ideal candidates are mature, perimenopausal and menopausal women who observe vaginal dryness and loss of sensation. They may experience urinary incontinence during laughter. ThermiVa women are strong yet sensuous; they take responsibility for their bodies and have agency over their own sex lives.  

Your Private Consultation at Skin Perfect

Erin Borini MS, PA-C is a woman herself, so she understands and she can help. Your private consultation will be a time to review your medical records and to tell your story. Your consultation may include a brief medical examination. If you qualify for the procedure, our efficient staff of medical professionals shall inform you of your next steps.  

Call or text (714) 278-3506 to schedule your private consultation with Erin Borini MS, PA-C. Contact us so we can get the conversation started.

*results may vary

What Does ThermiVa Cost in Costa Mesa, California?

A brief physical examination shall determine your ideal course of treatment.* Every woman has unique needs. If you qualify for ThermiVa, our team will provide pricing details following your private consultation.

Discover your financing options and watch our promotions page for the latest package deals.

Rekindle Your Passions

Hey, pretty lady. New beginnings await. Treat yourself at Skin Perfect.


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